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Apr 12, 2020

Recorded on 4/11/20


MMM - your source for non-radio-friendly tunes that only die-hards will appreciate - bootlegs, bonus tracks, FM radio concerts, B-sides, demos, live tracks, imports, deep album cuts, and covers


Please support the bands featured in this episode by purchasing their music:

L.A. Guns (AC/DC cover)

Mastodon (ZZ Top cover)

Blacktop Mojo #1 (Aerosmith cover)

Blacktop Mojo #2 (Fleetwood Mac cover)

Blacktop Mojo #3 (Phil Collins cover)

Tom Petty

Judas Priest (Fleetwood Mac cover)

Alex Lucero & Live Again (Marvin Gaye cover)


K.C. & The Sunshine Band


Shout-outs in this episode go to:

Debbie Bisaillon

Anita Murphy

Ron Murphy

Santa Cruz Scrumpy Cider

Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers

Scott Gardner

James Campos – Happy Birthday, J-Dog!



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