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Dec 25, 2020

Recorded on 12/24/20


MMM – This is the pirate podcast that is your source for non-radio-friendly hard rock and heavy metal tunes that only die-hards will appreciate - obscurities from my personal music collection that I have amassed for over 40 years - bootlegs, bonus tracks, FM radio concerts, B-sides, demos, live tracks, imports, deep album cuts, and covers.


Please support the bands featured in this episode by purchasing their music:

Cave In, Coheed and Cambria & Piebald (Tom Petty cover)

Ted Nugent (Christmas cover)

Firstborne (Journey cover)

Leo Moracchioli (featuring Mary Spender) (Dire Straits cover)

The Butlers (Fleetwood Mac cover)


Nonpoint (Phil Collins cover)

Lemmy Kilmister, Billy F. Gibbons & Dave Grohl (Christmas cover)

Bruno Mars (Prince & The Revolution cover)


Leo Moracchioli (Tom Petty cover)

Exodus (Ted Nugent cover)

The Amity Affliction (Pat Benatar cover)

Tommy Merry (Christmas cover)


Shout-outs in this episode go to:

Scott Gardner

Evolution/Majestic – A Tribute to Journey

Lars Mortensen

Lauren Young

Anthony Rizzo

Heidi Lopez

Carl Tebbe

Mark Ratto



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